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Can’t all be gems…

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It’s yet another practice evening on the stairs. I was not feeling too energetic this time, but that’s how I felt on Tuesday, and I still did a pretty good time. So I figured I’d give it a try.

My first time up the stairs, I could tell I was in trouble from the start. I made my first time point on schedule, but then I started to fall behind. Usually, I manage to stay on time up to at least the 30th floor or so, but this time I was falling off the pace by 16. I managed to keep going, and when I flopped on the landing at 55, I had 9:08, which is a full 10 seconds slower than my time from Tuesday.

I went back down and started up again. My goal for the second time up was to do it at the pace I plan to use when I attempt the vertical mile. I may make an attempt at that next week. So I kept to a relatively modest pace, and I made it up the second time in 10:58.

I went up a third time, just for grins. I didn’t time it. I just walked up slowly. And then I went home. I wanted to get home in time to try again to see Comet PanSTARRS, And thus ended yet another evening of fun on the stairs.

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