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The final four weeks

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It’s Tuesday, and time for another session on the stairs.

This time, I decided to try my one-foot method for doing the middle section of stairs from 24 to 44. My goal was again to do 10 seconds per floor. I started out from 4, and I made it all the way to 22 on schedule. The two hallways and fire doors between 22 and 24 cost me about 30 seconds, but then I was looking to get back on pace.

From 24, I started up, and I managed to maintain my pace all the way to 36 before I started to slow down a bit. I found that if I lean forward a bit on crossing the wide landings, I can do them a little bit faster, and it doesn’t require taking an extra step on the landing. So I think this is going to be my method now, since it’s efficient and balanced.

When I got to 44 and the two fire doors there, I was about 15 seconds off my pace, but that was all right. I started up the final section of stairs, and when I got to 52, I sprinted for the last three floors. I heaved myself up onto the landing at 55 in 8:58. Not a new best time, but equal to my two best practice times so far this year. So I really can’t complain.

The second time, I went a lot slower. The plan was to do my moderate pace that I plan to use for when I attempt the vertical mile. Not much to say about that. I just went on up at a nice, steady pace.

I went up a third time, just for extra practice, and so I could say that I’d done a 1,000-calorie workout today. I don’t really care about that, but it sounds good. I didn’t bother timing the third time up. I was just walking, and I even tried doing single steps for a change.

Now that we’ve changed the clocks, there was still some sunlight on the way home. I took a picture of the big Metro headquarters building by Union Station, just because I liked how it looked in the sunset light. And on the train back to Pasadena, I was looking out the window to try and see the thin crescent moon, since that would mean I could take out my binoculars and see Comet PanSTARRS when I got home.

It was a good evening’s outing.

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