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Magnum staircase

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After last week’s unsuccessful attempt at the Vertical Mile, tonight was time for a second try. I’m feeling quite a bit better. I estimate I’m running at about 95% of full capacity now. So I went downtown to try again.

My plan was to just cruise through the first four ascents, since the other times I’ve done multiples, it didn’t start to get really hard until the fifth time. And that plan worked pretty well tonight. I started to feel a bit slow on the fourth time up, so I thought the mile was in doubt, but I continued on anyway.

The fifth time was grim. I slowed down a lot. I think I made an error in not bringing enough water, and not bringing anything with sugar in it. I had a classic case of the bonk, as we used to say in my bike racing days. Still, I figured I’d just keep going as best I could and see how far I got. As you can see by the pictures, my times kind of fell off a cliff the last three times.

After six times up, it was about 6:40. I knew I had time for one more ascent, regardless of how slow I was going. But I knew that the mile was no longer possible. So I ground my way up the stairs one more time to finish seven ascents.

When I left the building, I stopped in at the Famima!! across the street and got a quart of Gatorade. I chugged that down standing on the sidewalk. And in just a few minutes, I felt a lot better. I think next time I will stop and get that on the way in, so I’ll have something to drink to keep my energy level up.

So my total for tonight: 357 floors, 4,830 vertical feet, 1,470 meters, and 7,882 steps. Total elapsed time: 1:54

I’ll be back Thursday to try again for the mile.

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