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Henry Rollins’ House

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A few days ago I saw an article in the Los Angeles Times about how Henry Rollins is selling his house in the Hollywood Hills. So of course, I said something like, “I know where we’re going this Sunday!”

The house is in Nicholls Canyon, which is my old favorite canyon from the days when I was living and bike riding in Hollywood in the late ’80s. This is the first time we’ve gone there in a long time. We took our standard route out of Pasadena and down through Atwater Village to get to the east end of Hollywood. We rode down Hollywood Blvd, which is always a bit of a surreal ride. The block from Highland to La Brea was closed in anticipation of the Hollywood Christmas Parade this evening, but we were able to sneak around on the sidewalk there. We passed Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star there. Surprisingly, it was intact and undefiled today.

When we got to Nicholls Canyon, we turned and started up the hill. By then, it was pretty warm, so we had to stop and take off jackets and such. Then we rode up the hill. The house was right there, and it was a pretty impressively-large place. Then we rode the rest of the way up the hill to Mulholland, where we turned to head down to Cahuenga Pass. We stopped along the way to help a family of tourists get a group picture with the Hollywood sign. Then we continued down the hill, past Universal and Warner Bros to get to our snack stop at Priscilla’s.

After the snack stop, we took the direct route home, back across Glendale and Eagle Rock.

42 miles.

Route map and elevation profile

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