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I noticed that we are getting another surge of activity on the dead dot-com page. This time it’s coming from a Spanish site at

Red to Gold

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We went to the Pasadena History museum today to see “Next Stop – Pasadena – From Red to Gold”. This presented the history of rail transportation in Pasadena. It was pretty interesting seeing the old photos and artifacts.

Then we went to see “The Weather Underground”. This is a documentary about the Weathermen and their attempts at overthrowing the U.S. government from about 1969 to 1980. Now they are pretty much all settled middle-class folks, so it was interesting seeing them now and how they were then.


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Today was the Inkslingers Ball. This is the big event of the tattoo social scene. It was a fun time.


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Upgraded sendmail and openssh last night. The sendmail wasn’t working for sending out. Got a ‘permission denied’ error. The fix was to get the ’’ file from /usr/share/sendmail/cf/cf and put that in /etc/mail.


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To do multiple copies in Postscript:

%%Page: 1 1
<</NumCopies 9 /Collate false>>setpagedevice <- Add this


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Lucinda had a sleep-over at Aunt Maggi’s, and so we went out to a party on Saturday night. On Sunday, we hiked up Echo Mountain before heading down to pick up Lucinda.

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Lucinda spent the night at Aunt Maggi’s, and today they had a baby shower for one of Aunt Maggi’s friends. Lucinda was very excited about the party, and she had a lot of fun.


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Lucinda had a big day today. First off, our neighbors had their grandchildren visiting today, and Lucinda had two other little girls and a puppy to play with. Then in the afternoon, her friend Sofia came over to play. Daddy cooked lunch for the four girls, and they all played until 4:00, when it was time for Lucinda to go to Aunt Maggi’s house for a sleep-over.


Red Cars

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Today we went to San Pedro to ride the San Pedro Trolley. This is a 1.5 mile section restoration of the old Pacific Electric line along the waterfront. They have two cars that are new replicas of the old Red Cars, and one actual restored old car. We rode on Car 501, which is one of the replicas, and along the way, we passed Car 1058, which is the restored original Red Car.

We rode the trolley from to the end of the line and visited the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. This is a nice, small aquarium that is focused on exhibiting local Pacific marine life.


In Los Angeles Something is Always Burning

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Lucinda went to a wedding with Aunt Maggi this evening, so we had a night out. We had dinner at El Torito, and then went to an art opening at Ojala in Echo Park. The show was “In Los Angeles Something is Always Burning” with artwork and poetry about the L.A. ‘disaster lifestyle’. It was pretty amusing. We bought a print of a photo that wasn’t part of the show, but was a nice stylized photo of the towers of Downtown L.A. framed by the ever-present palm trees.

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