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More traffic today. We got a link from I don’t know what language it is, but a lot of people must read it. Other new links include:


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Lucinda had a sleepover with Aunt Maggi this weekend. This was nice, since we got to spend some quiet couple time at home. And we also got to go out to a party for the first time in months.

And the traffic is finally dying down on our web server. Check out the graph of our network traffic for the last three weeks.

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Lucinda had a sleep-over with Aunt Maggi this weekend. The went to the pool, and visited with Grandma and Grandpa.


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The traffic is continuing to die down. We picked up a few more links, but no big network-busters. Still, our network traffic did take a jump just after 14:00 today. This appears to be from the link from, which also puts out an email newsletter with links.


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The count now stands at 3889 visits from the link from yesterday. Our outbound bandwidth was completely full all morning yesterday.

This morning, traffic took off again when we were linked from at about 05:00PDT. This surge is not quite as big as yesterday’s, and our outbound traffic has only been running about 80% of capacity. Still, the link has been driving the surge today. The visitor count from that link currently stands at 1163.

Besides this, we’ve been linked by a bunch more sites:;action=display;threadid=4898


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So far, we have gotten 3027 visits from the link from, which works out to about a day and a half’s normal traffic every hour. The outbound network traffic is down to about 110Kbits/sec, and our connection is feeling a bit less slow now. I’m actually pretty impressed with how it’s holding up. But $DEITY help us if this gets mentioned on Slashdot…

Besides metafilter, I also see links from:

But the bulk of the traffic is coming from metafilter.

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Well, here we go again. There was a link to our dot-com gallery posted on at 07:10 this morning, and our traffic is through the roof again. I’m actually surprised at how well our DSL connection is working. We’re getting more than the advertised 128Kbits upstream. Still, the little Alcatel modem is gagging like a foie gras goose. Check out the graph of our network traffic.


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Here’s a view of our network traffic for the last week, showing the big spike and its decay.

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Installed a new removable hard drive tray in the bottom bay. Put our old 10GB Maxtor in it. Discovered that the key switch has to be in the ‘locked’ position before it will spin up the drive. This is the drive I do backups to, but now it is removable. Took the daily backups out of the crontab.


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Just an update on the network traffic. There was another small surge today when the link was posted on about six or so new sites.

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