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So far, we have gotten 3027 visits from the link from, which works out to about a day and a half’s normal traffic every hour. The outbound network traffic is down to about 110Kbits/sec, and our connection is feeling a bit less slow now. I’m actually pretty impressed with how it’s holding up. But $DEITY help us if this gets mentioned on Slashdot…

Besides metafilter, I also see links from:

But the bulk of the traffic is coming from metafilter.

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Well, here we go again. There was a link to our dot-com gallery posted on at 07:10 this morning, and our traffic is through the roof again. I’m actually surprised at how well our DSL connection is working. We’re getting more than the advertised 128Kbits upstream. Still, the little Alcatel modem is gagging like a foie gras goose. Check out the graph of our network traffic.

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