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Something amusing happened here. Stan has a collection of screen shots of failed dot-com web sites, and someone discovered it. Apparently, they found it amusing, and at about 4:30AM Friday, they posted a link to it from a site called Kaliber 10000 []. And the hits started rolling in. We got ten days’ worth of traffic in the first fourteen hours. During that time, the Internet echo chamber took over, as people who had seen the link on Kaliber then posted it on other sites. As of noon on Saturday, there were 20 sites that had links to the gallery. Our site is self-hosted on a DSL connection, and the outbound bandwidth was saturated for most of Friday morning. Now it’s down to manageable levels, but it’s still lots more than we usually get. And it picked up on Monday morning when people got back at work.

Statistics for our web server are at

The gallery itself is at

Here is a list of the sites that posted links to us:

And after all, who wouldn’t be flattered to have their site linked from or

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