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Moldy oldies

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We went to see “American Originals: Treasures from the National Archives” today at the Central Library in Downtown L.A. It was an interestingly random collection of stuff. Among the displays they had President Kennedy’s inaugural speech, Benedict Arnold’s letter to George Washington, and the speech that President Nixon would have given if the Apollo 11 astronauts had been stranded on the moon. It was a pretty wide-ranging sampling of documents.

What hath Gutenberg wrought?

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We got Lucinda a printer for her computer today. Most of her games and kid web sites have things to print out. So now she can print things for herself.


Lions and tigers and bears!

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We went to “Merry Member Nights” at the L.A. Zoo this evening. They had the zoo open after hours. We saw some animals, but a lot of them had gone to sleep when the sun went down.

We also walked the Griffith Park Festival of Lights. It was impressive in a weird sort of way. And Lucinda had fun looking at it.


Just when you thought it was safe…

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The computer has developed a new quirk. Now if I tell it to reboot, it goes down and stays down. It hangs in the hardware reset phase. Then if I pull the power cord to cycle power, it seems to usually self-test and boot after about six or eight power cycles. So far it has done this on Sunday morning, and then twice this evening.

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Installed XFree86 4.3.0 and Mozilla 1.5 on Bort for testing today. The only catch was having to add ‘cd /usr/local/linux-mozilla’ to the ‘’ script.


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Today was the grand opening of the newly-remodeled playground in Victory Park. Lucinda had fun playing there, and she also got a little balloon animal.


More blog features…

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Added an optional title to the blog program. The title defaults to ‘Web Log for <yourname>’. The title field overrides this. Also added a few new fields to the logusers table:

alter table logusers add column l_logtitle tinytext after l_lastname;
alter table logusers add column l_textwidth int(11) default 100 after l_displaynum;
alter table logusers add column l_textalign char(1) default 'L' after l_displaynum;


Adding titles to the entries

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I added a title field to the log, so individual entries can have their own optional titles.

mysql> alter table weblog add column title tinytext after parselevel;

Then I added logic to edit.php and weblog.php to add and display the titles.

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