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First Attempt

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Last week, I’d been talking with Alberto about trying for a Vertical Mile, and we’d planned on making the attempt tonight. Sadly, I was sick this week, and I’m only 24 hours out from lying on the couch with a fever. But since we’d decided to try, I figured I’d give it a shot. If it didn’t work, I could just stop.

So we got to the building a little early and got suited up. We were the first ones on the staircase, and the first two ascents went well. We were right on schedule. Then, on the third time up, I started to get dizzy at about the 17th floor. I knew that wasn’t a good sign, so I thought it best to just abandon the attempt. I sat down on the 20th floor landing and rested for a bit. Then I continued on, albeit slowly, up to the 55th floor.

I went up one more time after that, just for grins. Or grimaces, perhaps. I didn’t even bother timing the fourth climb. I went very slowly. But in the end, Alberto made the Vertical Mile in a total of 1:57. I’m going to try again next week, when I’ll presumably feel a bit better.

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