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Getting back on the horse -er- stairs

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It’s Tuesday evening, and time for yet more eternal agony climbing the stairs at the Aon building. After the problems I had over the weekend at the Stratosphere Tower, I wanted to see if I could still go fast up the stairs this evening.

I got suited up and headed up the stairs. No use waiting around at the bottom. It doesn’t get any easier. As always, I was aiming for 10 seconds per floor, and I managed to stay close to that, except through the middle section from 24 to 44 with the wide landings. But I made it to 55 in 9:04, which is solidly in the range of normal times I’ve been doing at practice. So I’m not any slower now than I was last week.

I went up a second time just to try out a couple of different ideas for dealing with the wide landings in the middle section of the staircase. Maintaining a steady but slow pace, I made it up in 11:50.

And just for sheer perversity, I went up a third time. I didn’t bother timing it. It was slow, but steady. I managed to make it all the way up without stopping, so that’s not too bad.

On the way home, the subway train stopped for a minute on the approach to Union Station, and I saw an electrical conduit on the wall outside with a stern warning on it:


Yup. I’m not inclined to think they’re kidding on that.

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