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Another wet bike ride

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Today’s bike ride has no pictures. And it nearly didn’t happen. Lucinda is with me for Saturday and Sunday, so I had to find a babysitter for Sunday morning in order to be able to ride. I was able to arrange that, but then Sunday dawned, and it was raining. But because I’d already gone to so much trouble to arrange everything, I had to still go riding. I went down to the park, and there was only one other rider. But we went anyway. It rained pretty hard on us for a little while, but then it stopped. We were pretty cold and wet, but we still managed to soldier on. It was actually pretty entertaining, since he was new to the Sunday ride, and he used to race back in the ’70s, too. We both knew a lot of the same people from the races back then. So we had a good time swapping stories. In the end, we only went 35 miles, but that was enough for how cold and wet it was.

35 miles.

2 Responses to “Another wet bike ride”

  1. Jon Bradley Says:

    I woke up at 7:00; went to the window; looked at the ground; looked at the sky; and crawled back into my nice warm bed. But I felt like a slug the rest of the day for not riding. Sorry I missed you. See you next week.
    – Jon

  2. Ben Says:

    I have every intention on joining for this ride, after a long hiatus, but wimped out at the sight of moisture on a Sunday morning.

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