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More nesting

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The hummingbird is still nesting. I haven’t seen the baby hummingbirds sitting up yet, but that should be coming in the next few days. The mother is still sitting on the nest most of the time, and just flying off to feed for a few minutes at a time.

And I’m still nesting. Lamb loin chops with fennel-rosemary-thyme spice rub grilled over an oak wood fire, mashed potatoes garnished with chives from my little spice garden, and broccoli cooked Italian-style with olive oil and garlic. It was pretty good. And I have enough left over for three lunches this week.

So the little hummingbird and I are buddies. We’re both getting by on our own.

Tour de Carpenters

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Today’s ride was a Carpenters theme route. We rode to Downey to see the “Close to You” and “Only Just Begun” apartments, and also to see their old house, which was pictured on the cover of their 1973 album, “Now and Then“.

We rode straight south down through San Gabriel and then on Rosemead Blvd down to Downey. We stopped off at the oldest operating McDonald’s at the corner of Lakewood and Florence. Then we rode over to see the two apartment buildings that Karen and Richard Carpenter bought and named for their first two hit songs. Then we rode back across Downey to see their old house on a cul-de-sac right near the 5 freeway. There was an article about the house in the L.A. Times a couple of weeks ago, since the owner is trying to get a permit to tear it down and build a new McMansion on the lot. Apparently, there’s a lot of that going on in that area.

On the way home, we tried to stop off to see Dennis the Menace Park in Downey, but the entrance was not on Lakewood Blvd, and it was not obvious from peering through the fence how to get to the entrance. So that photo-op will have to wait for another day.

When we got back to Rosemead, we saw the ‘Welcome to Rosemead’ sign, with the slogan, “Where city pride is justified.” And, I guess, “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

By the time we got back to the park, it was a very nice day. So I rode a bit more, just to enjoy the sunshine.

46 miles.

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