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Mother on Fire

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mother on fire
Today we went to see Sandra Tsing Loh’s new show, “Mother on Fire“.

Sandra Tsing Loh and I have similar backgrounds. We’re both half Chinese and half German. We both got degrees in Physics from major universities. We both spent some time working in the aerospace gulag of Hughes Aircraft. But then she went off into performing arts and writing, while I became a computer nerd.

Her latest show is about parenthood, and particularly about the travails of trying to get her daughter into a good school in Los Angeles. Having just been through that particular crucible last year, we were primed for a good time. And she did not disappoint. The show was a hoot, with stories about the Los Angeles Unified School District, where the kids eat candy and are stalked by an obese mountain lion in the hallways, to a bidding war over a house in La Cañada and talk of moving to Utah. It was hugely entertaining and tremendously funny.

If you’re in Los Angeles, go see this show.

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  1. The Empress Juju Says:

    I can’t remember what series of blog connections led me to stumble onto yours, but we’re neighbors! My fiance & I live in Highland Park. We’ve got some good tattoos, but we only seem to ride bikes when forced to. So the connection isn’t, you know, creepy.

    I had a good time reading about the local sights, and I’d like to know where the Mt. Washington SRF is… it wasn’t on their site, unless I missed it.

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