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My domain is broken…

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We’ve had the ‘’ domain for our home mail server for over six years now, and it stopped working yesterday. It turns out that the delegated manager for ‘’ went out of business some years ago. This is why I wasn’t able to contact them last year when I moved our web site to So apparently Neustar decided to take back ‘’, since the former manager of the domain was defunct. And in the process they lost my subdomain. I contacted them and they said I have to fill out some paperwork, get it notarized, and mail it to them with a copy of my driver’s license. And then maybe I can have my domain back.

In the meantime, our email is broken. Mail to us just bounces with a ‘no such domain’ error.

More construction

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Our house is an odd mish-mash of add-ons and little projects. The former owner’s name was Floyd, and he did lots of projects around the house over the years. And they have left all sorts of little traces. One big trace was the window into the laundry room. The laundry room used to be the back porch. When Floyd built the family room, he turned the former back door into a window that looked out on the porch. But then he built the porch into a room. So what used to be the back door was now a window looking into the laundry room. Very odd and basically useless.

We’ve been meaning to do something about that window for nearly ten years now, and today was the day. I finished tearing out the remains of the old door frame. Then I built a new frame to fit into the space. It was a nice, snug fit. I had to whack it with the hand sledge to get it into place. The last step was to cover the opening with plywood. Floyd’s home improvement projects tended to be done with whatever scraps and junk he had lying around. So in memory of Floyd, I scrounged a piece of plywood from our neighbor’s re-roofing project to use to cover up the old window. It seemed a fitting tribute to the spirit of Floyd.

That’s all for today, but I’m planning on getting some paneling to just replace the paneling on the wall to cover where the window was. On the other side, I’m going to put up drywall. But those are projects for another day.

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