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This isn’t really of great interest to most people, but I wanted to write it down just so I would remember, and also just in case it might help someone else in the future.

I just did a major version upgrade of FreeBSD on my home machine. And the printer no longer worked. It’s an old Laserwriter on the parallel port, and when I tried to print to it, the jobs just stuck in the queue and the printer blinked like it was getting data, but nothing ever came out. I also noticed the following message in the system log:

May 3 22:47:43 moe kernel: Interrupt storm detected on “irq7: lpt0″; throttling interrupt source

I did some searching in with the Great Oracle (a.k.a. Google) and found this:

This contained the answer. I had to edit /boot/device.hints and insert this line:


And voilá! Now it works.

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