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More hotlinking follies

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I discovered today that some guy on Myspace was hotlinking one of my photos as the background for his page. That is pretty seriously lame. I’m kind of annoyed by hotlinking images, but I think it’s all right if you’re linking the picture to post it to a blog for discussion or some such. But to link it as the background to your page? Like my web server is a utility or something? So I added to my blocked referrers list.

I mean really… If he wrote to me and asked if he could use the picture, I’d say sure, just make a copy of it. If he just made a copy of it without telling me, I’d probably never even know. But to just hotlink it? So he can use my bandwidth and server capacity that I pay for?

The God FAQ

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Of course, I have to put in another plug for Julia Sweeney’s show “Letting Go of God”. We’ve seen it twice, and it’s great fun.

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