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GIMP 1.2 upgrade.


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4.6-STABLE upgrade built from source.


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We took Lucinda up into the local mountains for the first time today. We hiked about a half-mile on a fire road near Mt. Wilson. She wants to do it again. Pictures at


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- Mozilla 1.0
- jdk 1.3.1
- mozilla-flashplugin 0.4.10


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Today was the first time that Lucinda fed the dogs all by herself. She got both bowls, filled them, and then set them out in their proper positions for the dogs to eat.


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Two big milestones today. First, since Lucinda has graduated to sleeping in the big bed, we took down her crib. Second, she has learned to pump on her swing. Pictures at


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Aunt Maggi bought Lucinda a tricycle some time ago. This evening, she rode it all the way around the block for the first time. Pictures at


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4.4 upgrade.

Had to:

- chmod u+s /usr/libexec/mail.local
- chmod 666 /dev/pass0


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We set up a computer for Lucinda to play little kid games, and today was the first time she really understood the connection between the motion of the mouse and the cursor. She learned to point-and-click today.


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