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Movies in Pasadena

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There was a movie crew filming near our house today. This happens a lot down near Caltech, but not not that often near our house.


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Cathy’s birthday is today, so we all went to dinner at Cafe Bizou.


Cosmo’s Last Ride

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Go to Cosmo’s memorial page

Cosmo’s Last Ride

We had to put Cosmo to sleep today. After more than 12 years with us, she just couldn’t go on any longer. This was the hardest and saddest thing we’ve ever done.

We met Cosmo in 1991 at the Humane Society animal shelter in Austin, TX. She was a stray, and they estimated that she was about a year old at the time. We adopted her, and she has been part of our family ever since. She was the most perfect dog ever, and she was our first baby. If not for her, we might never have had Lucinda.

On her last day, we gave her lots of treats to eat, and took her for one last shuffling walk around the neighborhood. Then we went to the vet. She was so scared, and we did our best to comfort her while they gave her the injection. And then it was over.

We will never forget her.


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We went to see “Terminator 3″ today. It was entertaining in the usual way. This was also one of our rare trips into Old Town Pasadena, so afterward we had dinner at Cafe Bizou.


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No new adventure. Just wanted to put in a new picture of us.


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We did a big garden project today. We moved the front of the planter in the front yard back about a foot. This makes the planter somewhat smaller, so Cathy doesn’t have to work so hard to keep it up. We had to transplant all of the plants in the front foot of the planter, which turned out to be a lot of work. Then we had to reinstall the border and put down some pieces of new grass to fill in the new bare strip.



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We had dinner at Traxx tonight. It was a last-minute idea, as we had just dropped Lucinda off for a sleep-over with Aunt Maggi. On the way back to L.A., we called Traxx and they said we could get in. Normally, they are booked solid weeks in advance, but the big Mexican Independence Day festival on Olvera St had scared away most diners. So we got in. And it was good

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