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I am the master of parallel parking!

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the car fit

Today we went to Lucinda’s school for their Holiday program. Parking near the school is always a problem. But I am the Master of Parallel Parking. I got the car into this space, and it wasn’t too bad. I had three fingers clearance at the back and five at the front. So the space was actually a good six inches longer than the car. Not a record by any means. Still, it was amusing, since Cathy didn’t think it was going to fit.

Also, when we got there, I was kind of amazed to see the towers of downtown L.A. off in the distance. They’re about 15 miles away, but usually we can’t see them through the smog.

2 Responses to “I am the master of parallel parking!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Thanks for the reminder that Texas ain’t *all* bad…;-)

  2. Stan Says:

    Heh. Parking around here isn’t that bad. And the smog really isn’t bad either. It’s about on par with Houston. And it’s improved a lot in the 26 years since I first came here. We used to have to do our bike rides early in the morning to avoid the smog. Now it’s not bad at all. Some of the old-timers remember the 3rd-stage smog alerts back in the ’60s when you couldn’t even see the house across the street. I read recently that when they were coming up with air pollution standards for cars, they were aiming to get the air quality here back to where it was in 1937, when you could see Catalina on an average day. And we’re really close to that now.

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