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Holiday kid show

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So we went to Lucinda’s Holiday Program today. The kids actually did a pretty good show. Here is a picture of the kindergarten group. Other pictures from the day are in Lucinda’s photo album.

I am the master of parallel parking!

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the car fit

Today we went to Lucinda’s school for their Holiday program. Parking near the school is always a problem. But I am the Master of Parallel Parking. I got the car into this space, and it wasn’t too bad. I had three fingers clearance at the back and five at the front. So the space was actually a good six inches longer than the car. Not a record by any means. Still, it was amusing, since Cathy didn’t think it was going to fit.

Also, when we got there, I was kind of amazed to see the towers of downtown L.A. off in the distance. They’re about 15 miles away, but usually we can’t see them through the smog.

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