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The Chocolate Room

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This afternoon, we took the train in the rain to the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown L.A. We wanted to see The Chocolate Room. This is an installation piece which is a room with the walls covered with 264 (I counted them) pieces of paper with a thin, silk-screened coating of chocolate. Also, they have art projects for kids on the first Sunday of every month. Lucinda got to make a little gingerbread house there. It was a fun afternoon.

After that, we rode the train home. Lucinda was especially interested in the center section of the car, where the two sections are articulated. She rode most of the way home standing in the center of the car, watching it move every time the train went around a curve.

Tamale party

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This morning, I got up and started making tamales with the meat I cooked last night. This is our first time making home-made tamales. Lucinda and Cathy made some, but I made most of them. I felt like I was getting ethnic, even though none of us here is even remotely Mexican. Note the use of the Chinese bamboo steamer for the tamales. Then, after they were steamed, we had them for lunch just so we could try them out. They were quite good.

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