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This was supposed to be “The Vertical Kilometer”

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Tonight was the last time at the Bank Formerly Known as Mellon building. So wanted to try something different. I did the math, and it turned out that climbing up to the 20th floor twelve times would total 990 meters of climbing. So if I did that, and then just continued up three more floors on the last time, that would make a vertical kilometer. I haven’t done anything like that since the Towerthon.

I started out doing my regular relaxed pace of 4 1/2 floors per minute. That got me to 20 in about 4:20 – 4:30 each time, and I was able to maintain that pace for the first five climbs. The next two, I slowed down slightly, but then, on the eight time up, I kind of fell apart. Climbs 8-11 were very hard.

They close the door to the stairway at 7:15. I think that’s kind of silly, since they advertise the practice session as lasting until 7:30. So I was racing that deadline when I headed up for the 11th time at 7:08. I made it to the top, took the elevator ride back down, and ran back to the start just in time to hear the click of the latch as they closed the door. So the Vertical Kilometer was not to be tonight.

And that wraps it up for stair practice at the Bank Formerly Known as Mellon building. Next week, we start at Wells Fargo.

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