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Here we go again, again

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It’s Monday, and time for another installment of, “who thought this was a good idea?” So I got on the train and headed downtown to join in the fun. As with last week, the plan was to aim for 11 seconds per floor for the first three climbs, and then just keep going, but taking it easy for three or four more times.

I was a little tired from yesterday’s bike ride, so I wasn’t feeling terribly energetic at the start. I managed to come in pretty much on schedule, but just a fraction over 11 seconds each time. But that’s all right. And I ended up doing the staircase seven times total.

On the way home, I had a pleasant surprise. For years now, when we get back to Union Station, we have to walk up out of the subway to get to the Gold Line back to Pasadena. And for years, I’ve said that the monitor at the top of the stairs coming out of the subway doesn’t need to be telling us when the next train to North Hollywood is. If we’re coming out of the subway, that means we’re not going to be taking the subway, and the information about when the next subway train leaves is completely useless. So for years, I’ve said that it would be useful to know when the next Gold Line train is, since it would be good to know if we have to run for it, or if we can take our time, since it’s a bit of a walk to the Gold Line platform. And this evening, I came up the stairs out of the subway, and there it was. The monitor was telling me when the next Gold Line trains left. Finally, Metro did something that makes good sense. Something that’s non-moronic. This almost makes up for them putting Big Belly solar-powered trash compactors underground in a tunnel at Union Station.

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