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Another, better day at Disneyland

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On Wednesday, I took Lucinda and her friend to Disneyland again. I’d taken them there back in January, when my personal nightmare was just beginning. So I wanted to take them there again, since life is much, much better now. I knew they’d enjoy it, and it seemed like a nice thing to do to bookend the whole ‘life falling apart and coming back together’ experience.

We spent the whole day there, and we had a pretty good time. We did the Indiana Jones ride for the first time. Lucinda was afraid to do it last time. We also rode Pirates of the Caribbean twice. We did it once, and they liked it so much that we had to go back a second time. It helped that there was no line for it.

At the end of the day, we went and had dinner at the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney. I’m pretty sure I look a lot happier in the picture this time. I know I was feeling a lot happier.

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  1. Carol Elaine Says:

    Looking at the photos from each outing side by side, you totally look so much happier. It’s great to see, Stan.

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