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La Tuna Classic

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Route slip

Today’s ride was the La Tuna Classic. That’s how I refer to the route that does La Tuna Canyon from west to east. Up the four-mile hill. Call me weird, but I’d rather ride up that hill than down it any day. So today was the day.

Gene came out to the park to see us off and to deliver some new club jerseys. He can get around with a walker now. So he’s able to move around the house, but he’s not back to work yet, and certainly not riding yet. Still, he looked good.

We set out and rode across Eagle Rock and into Glendale. We took Mountain and Kenneth across Glendale and into Burbank. Then we took Glenoaks the rest of the way to Sun Valley, where we got on La Tuna Canyon Road. Then it was time for that nice long climb to the top.

At the top, we rested a bit and enjoyed the sunshine. Then we headed down into Montrose. We stopped at Oven Fresh bakery. Only one of the tables was in the sun, so we all crowded around it. If we’d been a half-hour later, they would have all been in the sun. But we just rode up the hill too fast.

After the stop, we headed back across Altadena. On one street, a dog got out of its yard and ran out at us. Rachele got spooked by this and bumped wheels with another rider, and she fell down. Fortunately, she didn’t land too hard, and she wasn’t hurt. And on that note, we rode back to the park.

The final bit of riding was back home from the park, and along the way I saw a house with one of the busiest holiday displays I’ve ever seen. And the channel 7 news truck was there to look at it. I guess it’s a slow news day.

48 miles.

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