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Self-Realization on a chilly day

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Today’s ride was the one that goes through the Mt. Washington section of Los Angeles, and past the headquarters of the Self-Realization Fellowship.

It was a chilly day by SoCal standards. It was about 45F (7C) when we started out. I wore a whole bunch of stuff, topped off by my new jacket. So I was warm enough. But for some reason, Michael was getting hot, and he stopped twice to take off layers. The rest of us were quite bemused by this.

We rode up through La Cañada and then down Hospital Hill. We took Verdugo all the way down through Glendale into Glassell Park and into Eagle Rock Blvd.

Eagle Rock Blvd brought us down into Cypress Ave and Cypress Park. Then we took a left on Figueroa and started north. A left turn on Pasadena Ave led us to the foot of Mt. Washington.

The climb up Mt. Washington was nice. The road is rough and winding, but it’s quiet and a very nice ride. At the top, we stopped by the gates of the Self-Realization Fellowship before heading north on San Rafael, back down the hill.

At the bottom, we took El Paso to Ave 50 and then went north again. They were repaving York Ave, so we had to take a detour to get around the work. Then we took Meridian to Ave 64, and then York again across the arroyo into South Pasadena.

We stopped at the little bakery and coffee shop that we’ve been to before. It’s the one with the jar of Twinkies on the counter. But this time, it wasn’t Twinkies. It was Ding Dongs.

I had a bagel.

While we were sitting there, we all had a laugh about the stickers that decorated the back of the street sign above our table.

When we were getting ready to leave, I noticed that my back tire was flat. So I got out the spare tube, and Michael took the picture, so I get to be the latest entry in the Flat Tire Gallery.

From there, we headed east some more, through San Marino and into Arcadia. Turning north, we passed a house with a funny gate on the driveway, and then the San Gabriel Mission Dam.

The last bit of the ride was up into Altadena with Brian. This part wasn’t strictly necessary, since I had already passed my house. But it had turned into a fairly nice day, so I rode up to Altadena and back before going home.

46 miles.

2 Responses to “Self-Realization on a chilly day”

  1. Tom Stormcrowe Says:

    Sounds like a terrible lifestyle, Stan, having to ride around LA Area!::GRIN:: You will ahve to give me the guided tour by bike if I ever get back out to LA. The only areas I ever got to driving a truck were places like San Pedro and Compton! Or DT(There is a horrible little truck stop at Washington and Alameda that comes to mind). Other than that my LA Area time was spent out in the Inland Empire! I did get lost once and wound up on Rodeo drive in a 75′ long truck once and wound up getting directions from none other than your governor….The Guvernator!

  2. Karen Says:

    Well, Len swears he’s gonna buy that Bike for his morning route to his work place. *wink*

    But it IS winter…and he that would be more suitable a purchase in the Spring (even in his more southernly clime.)

    Unfortunately, my knees have given me problems and I can no longer trust them for extended periods on activities like pushing bike pedals. So, My hubby and fam do their bike riding jaunts sans MOM. :-(

    ps… Hope ya visits me at me new *bloggie home* sometimes.

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