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Tattoo Convention

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Body Art Expo
Yup. It’s time for another tattoo convention. This time it’s the winter edition of the giant Body Art Expo at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds. Today was a perfect day for it. The sun was out and it was warm.

When I got to the Fairplex, they were having the Easyriders bike show and an RV show, too. So the parking was packed. But that’s normal for any event that’s held there. There’s always something else going on.

When I got there, I saw my friend Stormy and her dog Nakai. Nakai is a service dog in training, so she get to go places where ordinary dogs don’t. She was also very cute and smart.

When I got inside, I saw David and his friend Justice. Justice recently moved back to L.A. after moving away after the Northridge Earthquake, and she had some concerns about Los Angeles and earthquakes. Since I’m in the earthquake business, I did my best to allay her fears.

A bit later, Mandy and Rob showed up. They were my ’straight friends’ for the afternoon, since they don’t really fit the freak mold. But it was nice to see Mandy again.

I saw Rick at the Mermaid’s Tale booth.

Anna was at here Anagram Fine Art booth again, so we had to visit and take a picture.

They had a fashion show, which was amusing. The outfits were from the Folter booth, and they were very nice. Brought out lots of cameras. The funniest bit was the first two girls who came out and posed. Then they turned around and flipped up their short schoolgirl skirts to show us their panties that said “PERV” on the back. Sadly, I was not able to capture that moment, due to digital camera lag.

There was also a booth for Utilikilts. I stopped in to just say hello. (waves to KarlElvis) And while I was there, two of the girls from the Folter show stopped by.

So it was a fun afternoon. All the pictures are here:

4 Responses to “Tattoo Convention”

  1. Dave Koenig Says:

    Hey, I’m the guy with the really bright Kio on my right arm the “new” dragon on my left. I saw the pictures and thanks for posting them. If anyone asks, that artist was Tod Bain from About Face Tattoo in oceanside, CA.

    All the best,


  2. Mary Says:

    You’re not the David Koenig from Omaha are you? The one who moved to San Diego for a short period of time? I think it was David P Koenig…

  3. anna Says:

    hi you!
    hows everything going? i love this pic of us~ its great! is there anyway i can put nit up on my site and give you credit for it? i redid my entire website and would love to add that to it! let me know!
    hope all is well sweetie! see u at the next doing sacramento in a couple of weeks and then ofcourse pomona and the usual suspects~
    looking forward to seeing u again soon!

  4. Mike B Says:

    When is the next tattoo convention coming up? I’m relativly new to the area and heard about the one in De Mar a little while ago but couln’t make it. Is there anyway to get up dates on when an upcoming event is coming up?

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