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Our Obligatory Poop Story

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I don’t usually (or ever, in fact) write about poop. But in keeping with the grand tradition of Heather and Zoot, I think that last evening’s adventure warrants an exception to my policy.

We had gone out today and seen the costumes from the “Star Wars” movies and also gone to the Natural History Museum. When we got home, we were all pretty tired and ready for bed. Then Cathy came out of our room holding her sweater and she said that our dog Buddy had gotten shit on it. I immediately grabbed Buddy and held him up. We looked and saw a pretty big chunk of shit impacted between his toes. We put him in the sink and washed all four of his feet. But when we went and looked at our bed where the sweater had been, he had gotten shit on the blanket and sheets.

So it was off to the laundry room. We had to wash everything.

Several hours later, all the laundry was done. I took the sheets and blanket and reassembled the bed. But when I lifted the comforter to put it back on the bed, I suddenly felt something between my toes. I looked down and saw a pea-sized turd lodged there. I picked it up and tossed it outside. Then I washed my feet. At that point, we were pretty tired of the whole dog-shit experience. So we just shook out the comforter and did a nose inspection of it and called it Good Enough For Government Work.

And we went to bed. Yick.

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