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The Truth (with (some) jokes)

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We went to see Al Franken this evening. He was speaking and signing books at Caltech. His talk was funny, mostly in a deadpan way. He talked about the experience of going on USO tours in Iraq and about how Rush Limbaugh pulls statistics out of his ass. He also made a few, um, modest predictions, including Dick Cheney being executed for treason. He said that he’s opposed to the death penalty, but the law is the law…

It was a fun evening, and one of those things that makes us think “we’re not really crazy after all!”

RTFM and the pun of the day

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Something I saw today:

Condoms in, anatomy out: Grocery chain pulls latest issue of Seventeen

Unavailable in any of Albertsons’ 2,500 locations was the October issue of Seventeen Magazine.

The grocery chain pulled that issue from shelves earlier this month. The reason? An article on women’s anatomy.

The article, titled “Vagina 101,” shows a drawing of a woman’s genitalia with arrows pointing out the clitoris, the labia majora, the labia minora, the hymen and the anus. It provides a short description of each part of the anatomy, under the headline “Owner’s Manual.”

Isn’t this just just a perfect example of everything that’s wrong with our society? Sheesh. Why is it that people seem to think that ignorance is a good thing?

In other news, I saw this in today’s Pasadena Star News:

Local firm to buy prosthetic leg for teen

A local company has agreed to buy a Temple City teen a new prosthetic leg to replace the one stolen from her home Tuesday afternoon.
When employees at Rescomm Financial of Arcadia heard the story, they told their boss. The company, along with parent company Realty Executives, agreed to foot the bill for a new prosthetic

That’s good of them to foot the bill. After all, those things cost an arm and a leg…

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