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Does this mean I’m grown up, or just old…

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Today we went to see “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” today. As both Democrats and residents of California, it was predictably enraging. But at the same time, it was funny and entertaining. And a weird thing happened, too. One of the people interviewed in the film is the Dean of the University of Houston Law School. I knew her in college, and I’d heard about her being named Dean a while back. It’s weird that people I knew way back when are now grown up and getting close to the levers of power. On the other hand, I’m also happy for her. I’m always glad to see someone I knew and liked in college make good.

After the movie, we stopped by my office. I’d gotten a call earlier in the day about an electrical burning smell in the computer room. None of the critical computers were down, but since we were in the area I wanted to have a look. We’d had a M5.6 earthquake this morning, and there was one lonely-looking news truck parked outside the lab. My key card was broken, so while we were waiting for the security guy to come and unlock the door, we were talking with the reporter. The funny thing is that he said it was supposed to be his day off, but he was called in for the earthquake. He didn’t feel like getting dressed up for the occasion. So he was wearing his white shirt, tie, and jacket, but with jeans and sneakers. He said that lots of others wear shorts, but he felt a bit ridiculous dressed like that. Sadly, I didn’t have my camera handy, but if you’re in the L.A. area you might have seen him in the news tonight. After all that, I got into the building and checked out the computer room. Nothing obvious was out, so we will have to investigate more tomorrow.

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