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Gettin’ ethnic and other stories from our house this afternoon

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This afternoon was kind of strange, but in an interesting way.

Cathy and Lucinda gave Buddy a bath. Most dogs hate getting a bath, but not Buddy. He seems completely content to be sitting in the water, and he even likes the blow dryer. It’s strange.

After that, they made Easter cookies. Cathy cut the cookies, and Lucinda acted as the artist and decorated them.

Then I sat down and got ethnic. I got in touch with my Chinese heritage and made chaio-tzu (aka ‘dumplings’) and siu mai. Hand-made and all that. Just like Mom used to make when I was a kid. It’s all part of the Master Plan to help pass on the Chinese food meme to Lucinda.

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  1. Michelle Says:

    Fun. I have been falling down on my parental cookie-making duties. The kids seem a little too grateful when I make mac n’ cheese from a box. I know, how very Texan of me…;-)

    We had a yukky storm blow through last night. The radar was BLACK. Winds of 80, hail and funnel clouds. Nice. It missed us for the most part, as it was very localized. Eek.

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