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To the egret…

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There is an egret who sometimes hangs around the Caltech campus. There are a few little pools that are stocked with frogs and mosquito fish, and apparently the little fish and tadpoles are very tasty. So the egret hangs around the ponds and eats. It’s an interesting bit of actual nature, red in tooth and claw, in the middle of the big city.

4 Responses to “To the egret…”

  1. Carol Says:

    Reminds me of the deer (I think they’re deer) that can be seen at JPL. Very cool, Stan!

  2. Stan Says:

    There are deer in the hills there. I went looking for them once at the old Kresge Lab, but they were being shy that day.

  3. Faith Says:

    I just left a terribly witless comment below on your cycling post, but it got eaten because I’m such a bad speller that I can’t even COPY letters correctly.

    The egret is beautiful. I always savor those sweet nature moments in the middle of the big city. They are few and far between, but worth enjoying. I took a picture of two Peregrine Falcons hanging out in a tree across from my house last year. They stayed for a few hours and then went on their way. It was a cool moment.

    Here’s hoping this comment doesn’t get eaten, because if it does I’m going to “live to fight another day.”

  4. Stan Says:

    Heh. I hate it when the computer eats my stuff, too. When I was writing up my last bike ride I was about half-way through when I slipped and hit control-something-or-other and it wiped out everything I’d written. I hate that.

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