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Back downtown for more waiting-in-line practice

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Time for another session on the Wells Fargo building staircase. This time, Morgan from my office came along, and we rode the train downtown to do battle with the stairs.

We only got in two climbs this time. And in the end, it worked out to be a 3:1 ratio of waiting in line to actual climbing the stairs time. That’s kind of pathetic. They say that they do it this way so that the stairs don’t get too crowded, but then how come I still got stuck being groups of people who wouldn’t let me go by? It all seems kind of pointless. But this is all we have right now, so we have to make the most of it. Last year, the guards at the Wilshire-Figueroa building were very nice to us, and I made them muffins and cookies. And I also made some for the Aon building guards. They were all good to us. But I’m certainly not going to bake any award-winning muffins or cookies for the Wells Fargo security people. They act like just having us there is the biggest imposition on them. So even though the building is a good one to practice in just because it has a good staircase, they still manage to make it an annoying experience.

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