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A vertical half-mile

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This past weekend was a three-day holiday weekend, and we spent all three days packing and moving Kathleen out of her house and in to mine. So when Tuesday morning came, I was pretty weary, and I really didn’t feel like going for speed on the stairs tonight. Although, I suppose it’s a testament to my insanity that I never considered not going to climb the stairs today.

Since I was low on energy, I thought I’d do something like a couple weeks ago, when I did the vertical kilometer. I’ve been thinking that one of these weeks I want to try for a vertical mile. That would be eight times up the stairs from 4 to 55. Each time up is about 689 feet, so eight add up to 5,512 feet, which is just a bit over a mile. I’m pretty sure I can fit that into the two hours we have for practice. So my plan tonight was to do a vertical half-mile and see if I could do all four climbs, plus the associated elevator rides back down, all within one hour.

I rode the train downtown as usual, and when I got suited up for climbing, I got out my second stopwatch and started it. Then I just tucked it into my pocket, started my main stopwatch, and started up the stairs. As with the vertical kilometer, the plan was to aim for a pace where I would do 9 floors every 2 minutes, and that would get me to the top in about 11:15 – 11:30 each time.

As you can see, I started out a little excited, and perhaps a little too fast. But the pace seemed easy enough for the first three climbs. By the fourth one, I was starting to drag, though. I think the sore-and-tired factor from the weekend caught up with me. But when I finished the fourth climb, I fished the other stopwatch out of my pocket, and I saw that I’d done the four climbs in comfortably less than an hour. Of course, the second hour will be harder than the first, but I think if I start fresh, without a long weekend of moving boxes, I think I have a chance at making the mile in two hours.

I’ll probably try for the vertical mile some time in March, after we get back from climbing the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas.

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