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This Sunday’s bike club ride was the ‘Random Ride to Whittier’. We haven’t done this once since 2011, so it was time again. We even had a couple of new riders along this time, so we made a point to stop for the photo-op at Dork St in Pico Rivera.

It was chilly and sort-of-partly-cloudy. We rode down the Rio Hondo bike path, and we could see off in the distance that it was solid overcast down south of us. But then, seemingly without warning, we were under that overcast, and it got colder. I was very glad at that point that I’d overdressed.

We stopped for at Dork St. It looked like they got a new street sign since the last time we were there.

The ride goes down into part of Whittier, and then loops back to the San Gabriel River bike path. When we were going over the Whittier Narrows Dam, we saw some people with little-kid trailers on their bikes. But then we saw that each trailer had a German Shepherd in it. That was novel. We took the bike path north all the way to Lower Azusa Rd, where we got off. We rode up Peck Rd into Monrovia and our snack stop at Merengue.

The route home was the direct way through Siera Madre, and it was time. It felt even colder by then, so we were all pretty glad to be done.

44 miles.

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