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Office spelunking

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We’re redoing the computer room at my office. So the last couple of weeks have been very busy. We got new racks for the computers, and we’re putting them in in a single row across the room. Being that we do earthquakes, everything has to be bolted down. So today I did a little spelunking. The guy who usually does this was on vacation today, so I brought a change of clothes and a flashlight. Besides, as I always say, “how bad could it be?” I crawled around in some seriously tiny caves in Texas, and got very, very dirty, and that was fun.

The foundation of the building is kind of weird. It’s not just a big open crawlspace. It was a kind of a maze to get there, but when I got under the computer room, it was pretty obvious. The air conditioning ducts run under there, so they take up a good bit of the height, which is far from generous to begin with. So yes, it was pretty difficult and not too pleasant. And the caves in Texas were all wet inside, so the dirt was all in the form of mud, which doesn’t raise dust like the bone-dry dirt underneath the office. Yick. But I bagged my bolts and got that rack attached to the floor. In any event, it certainly made for an unusual day, although I did feel kind of dirty and dusty for the rest of the day.

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