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And it’s a new personal best

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Lucinda and I were playing pinball this evening. She is getting to be very good at it, and she set a new personal high score of 938,320. Since we reset the high score recently, this is now the high score of record. Now the next frontier for her will be to roll it over a million, and I’m sure that’s not going to take long.

“Two finger snaps and you live in Bel-Air”

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In today’s obituaries, Vic Mizzy has died. We never knew who he was, but we all knew the songs he wrote. In particular, he wrote the theme song for the 1960s “Addams Family“.

“I sat down; I went ‘buh-buh-buh-bump [snap-snap], buh-buh-buh-bump,” he recalled in a 2008 interview on CBS’ “Sunday Morning” show. “That’s why I’m living in Bel-Air: Two finger snaps and you live in Bel-Air.”

He also wrote theme songs for lots of other TV shows that I grew up with. So even though I never knew his name, he was part of the cultural landscape.

The obituary also mentioned that he’s going to be buried in Eden Memorial Park, which is where Groucho Marx and Lenny Bruce are buried. So I’m seeing yet another sightseeing ride for the bike club soon.

Read the full obituary here:,0,1713293.story

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