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All hail William Mulholland and the Department of Water and Power

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Last night, I went to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Griffith Park Light Festival. I went with Juju, since we’d had originally planned on going on the Museum of Neon Art Neon Cruise, but it was canceled due to not having enough people sign up to rent the bus.

The first week of the festival is car-free, which is nice. We parked at the zoo, and just walked down and back and looked at the lights. The lights were almost all LED-based now, which is part of the DWP trying to ‘go green’ by reducing power consumption.

After that, we headed back to Silverlake and had dinner at Gingergrass, which was quite nice.

It was a nice evening out. And yes, it was a fun time.

2 Responses to “All hail William Mulholland and the Department of Water and Power”

  1. Empress Juju Says:

    It WAS a fun time! Thank you.

  2. Jodi Says:

    Oh, do go on the Neon tour if you can sometime. I’ve done it twice and it’s lots of fun!

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