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Welcome to Pig Pig Family

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We went and had dinner with my aunt and uncle and cousins this evening for Chinese New Year. After dinner, Lucinda wanted to go into one of the stores there. It was filled with Hello Kitty and Monokuro Boo and lots of other things I’d never seen before.

But a couple of items made me stop in my tracks and say, “?” The first had Betty Boop and said, “You Will Be Relieved When You Can See Your Favorites”. And of course, my favorite was the scissors with “Welcome to Pig Pig Family” on them. Offhand, I’d guess these are just more examples of Engrish.

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  1. barefoot Says:

    I recently spent a few days in Taipei on a business trip. As a big fan of kitch “Asiana” – especially when it includes random and meaningless English – I thoroughly enjoyed the t-shirts and trinkets for sale at Shi Lin night market.
    Pig Pig family were there in abundance and really appealed to me, although I have no idea what it means.
    I googled the phrase “welcome to pig pig family” and found only two sites – this one, and a Pig Pig Family Taiwanese Yahoo group (entirely in Mandarin, which I don’t read) at So, the mystery remains.
    My baby daughter has an awesome “Welcome to Pig Pig Family” outfit, and I’m currently wearing my own Pig Pig t-shirt. It has a single large pig – with wings – on the front and the back. On the chest is two small pig-pigs and the quote “I want to make you happy”. I love it. Some of the other Pig Pig gear had flying pigs also, but I doubt the creators intended the “pigs might fly” connotation of my shirt.

    tim in Australia

  2. barefoot Says:

    Now I’ve clicked the links in your blog entry, I have more of a clue. All these pigs are, indeed, of the Monokuro Boo species.
    Seems that “Welcome to Pig Pig Family” is a standard slogan in Monokuro Boo lore.

  3. melissa Says:

    I too found PIG PIG in Taipei. Have a little bag I love with bad pig and hearts would love to know more, I believe the CO name is yong Feng Ei. Please let me knoe if you get more info…maybe we should get togher to Market Pig Pig Family state side!!!!!

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