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Those were the days…

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So today I saw this article about how people who did a lot of aerobics back in the ’80s are all suffering from various overuse injuries caused by all the jumping and such. That’s kind of sad. I worked as an aerobics instructor from 1987 to 1991, and I thought it was great fun. I did classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings after work. It was my ‘hobby job’. But I only did two classes a week. So I didn’t overdo it. On the weekends, I rode my bike, so I was getting a lot of exercise back then, but not that much of it was involving jumping and running.

Anyway, I thought this was kind of a sad article. We’re all getting old:

Whatever Happened to Jane Fonda in Tights?

Besides, I’ll always have fond memories of aerobics, since that’s where I met my wife. Cathy and I both had the same favorite instructor, so that’s how we met.

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