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Things I see while riding my bike…

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Here’s a vanity license plate that I saw yesterday.

Not to perpetuate any Los Angeles stereotypes or anything, but I see more of these here than anywhere else. And sometimes they’re pretty funny. Sadly, digital cameras hadn’t been invented yet back in 1989 when I saw a pair of Rolls-Royces in a driveway in Beverly Hills, each with “My other car is a Rolls-Royce” on the back.

Anyway, this one was a fun one. And the frame around it really makes it. On the DMV plate application form, you have to put down what it means. I wonder what they put for this one? I once met a guy who had a plate that said “ILOVE SM”. He told the DMV it meant “I love Santa Monica”, which was where he lived. But then when he put a chrome-chain frame around it, it took on a whole new meaning…

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Viva Sex is a female impersonator. I used to know “her” when I lived in L.A. “She” is most famous for her Madonna impersonation. She was on many TV shows as Madonna. If you scroll down on this page you will see photos of her:

  2. stan Says:

    Thanks! I never would have known that. This Internet-thingy is amazing…

  3. Jodi Says:

    I came out of Trader Joe’s tonight to find a guy standing behind my car, staring at my plate. I said “Did you figure it out?” He said, “Yeah, canines, right?” His friend asked if I had a dogs and then they told me that at first they thought it meant cats and they would have egged my car because they hate cats.

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