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More horses and bikes

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Lucinda liked riding the horse on Sunday, so we went back to do it again today. This time we did the two-hour trail ride. Elsa was our guide again, and our horses were Gideon and Big Maude.

The ride was very nice. We covered more ground than on the shorter ride, going all the way to the edge of Fallen Leaf Lake before heading back.

After the ride, we had lunch at Lucinda’s favorite little Mexican restaurant. Then we rented bikes for an afternoon ride. Lucinda wanted to try riding by herself. We rode through the woods to the end of the forest trail and back. It was a fun little ride, even if we had to go a little slower than usual because of Lucinda.

Before dinner, we went to the pool so Lucinda could play there for a bit. Then we had dinner at the Horizon Casino restaurant.

Pictures from the day are in our photo album.

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