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Vacation: Day one

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The first day of our vacation consisted of the nine-hour drive from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe. We left our house at 9:00 in the morning and headed up I-5 through the Central Valley. At Sacramento, we turned east on Highway 50 to go up and over the Sierras to get to South Lake Tahoe and our house there. It was a pleasant enough trip. Lucinda played games on her Game Boy while we drove up the freeway. We passed oil wells in Kern County, and endless farms north of there. Between Stockton and Sacramento, we were passed by a convoy of sheriffs from Butte County. They were all K-9 units, and one had a license plate frame that said, “You Run, You Done”, which seemed like an appropriate enough motto for a police dog.

The trip over the Sierras started out on a freeway, but the road dwindled down to two lanes at the top. Then we came down into Tahoe. When we got the to the house, we unloaded and then headed out for dinner. After dinner, Lucinda watched “The Cheetah Girls 2″ on the Disney Channel. The cable TV at the Lake Tahoe house is a big treat for her. And that was the extent of our day.

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