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August birthdays

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Today we all went down to Orange County to Uncle Larry’s house. Cathy, Larry, and Larry’s wife Francesca all have birthdays within a week of each other, so we did a big birthday dinner for all three there.

They went to the 99 Ranch Market and got some enormous lobsters for the occasion. They were something like three or four pounds each.

Lucinda is the only kid in the family, so we brought along a friend so she would have someone to play with. They had fun in the jacuzzi, and after that they played on the stairs, sliding down on pillowcases. This was a novelty, since we don’t have stairs in our house. Later in the afternoon, Grandpa took them to the pool. They also got to play in the elaborate landscaping in Larry’s back yard.

The dinner was nice, and Cathy was very pleased with the Micro-Dermabrasion kit that she got. She is very much into beauty treatments. She is going to be 44 next week, so I guess it’s working.

At the end of the day, we headed back home up the freeway, into the sunset.

It was a nice day.

Giant flower pots

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On my way home on Friday, I got a closer look at one of the giant flower pots I’d seen on Wednesday. Apparently they are made with a welded steel frame covered with plywood. So they are very sturdy. I don’t know if they found a buyer, but there was a moving van in front of the house. So maybe this is why they wanted to sell them. In any event, it was interesting to see them close-up. I still think they made wonderfully weird lawn decorations.

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