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Giant flower pots

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On my way home on Friday, I got a closer look at one of the giant flower pots I’d seen on Wednesday. Apparently they are made with a welded steel frame covered with plywood. So they are very sturdy. I don’t know if they found a buyer, but there was a moving van in front of the house. So maybe this is why they wanted to sell them. In any event, it was interesting to see them close-up. I still think they made wonderfully weird lawn decorations.

3 Responses to “Giant flower pots”

  1. Karen Says:

    Interesting on the *stagecraft* of the giant pots. Must have been fun for someone to make.


    Now – where would one put them? and is the top section actually a planter to allow for the appearance of plants to be growing out if the pot?

  2. stan Says:

    The tops are plywood. I guess you could put regular potted plants there.

    The had some big fake sunflowers that you can see here:

  3. Keith Wheatley Says:

    I sell giant flower pots up to 2m wide. A customer is asking for a 3m wide pot! looks like I will need to make a frame like this one.

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