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Cascade Falls

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Today was our first full day at Lake Tahoe, and we started off with our obligatory first hike, which is the trail up to Cascade Falls. We have done this every year, and Lucinda likes it a lot. The last part of the trail is over rocks, so she gets to have some fun climbing on them. I’ve taken a picture of her at the beginning of the rocky part of the trail each year, so we can see her growing.





This year was also the first time that Lucinda did the whole hike without having to be carried.

When we got to the top, we explored the waterfalls for a bit. I played some more with my new camera. Here’s my latest Canon commercial:

All the pictures from the day are in our photo album.

After we got back from the hike, we all went to the pool for a bit. Then we tried to have dinner at Caesar’s Broiler Room, but we found out that the name of both the restaurant and the hotel had changed. It was now “Ciera” at the Montbleu. But the menu was about the same. I ordered the rack of lamb, but sadly, it came very undercooked. I sent it back and they charred it while cooking it. So in the end, it was barely cooked enough, and black on the outside. For dessert, we ordered the chocolate souffles, but they were barely chocolate. The sauce was all right, but overall, the dinner was disappointing. Particularly after spending $143 on it. So we probably won’t be going back there again.

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