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La Tuna Canyon

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Today’s ride was “La Tuna Canyon East to West”. This is the ‘easy’ way through there, since the climb up is broken up in short stages, and we go down the four-mile hill into Sunland. (I actually prefer to do it the other direction, since I like going up the four-mile hill, but I’m just funny that way.)

It was a perfect day. We headed across Pasadena and past the Rose Bowl before riding up into La Cañada. Then it was down Hospital Hill into Montrose for the gradual climb up to La Tuna Canyon.

We stopped for a minute at the top of the canyon, and then headed down the hill. This was the first time I’ve gone down that hill and not been the last guy to the bottom. That was novel. I also used the top gear on my bike for the first time in the two years that I’ve had it.

At the bottom, we got on Glenoaks and rode back into Glendale to our snack stop at Paradise Bakery. As always, I had two chocolate eclairs. Not exactly the Breakfast of Champions, but the eclairs are very good there.

After the stop, we took a slightly different route back across Glendale to get to Verdugo Blvd. Then it was back up the hill to Montrose and the obligatory trip up Hospital Hill. At the top, I noticed that I was dripping and had made a little puddle on the ground, so I took a picture of it. And I had one of those ‘what the hell happened to my life’ moments. I used to see a hill like that and think, “Hey, here’s my chance to break away”, but now I just think, “I hope I can keep up with Newton.”

Coming down the hill, we crossed back into Pasadena. Then Newton and I rode out to Arcadia before I turned around and headed back across Sierra Madre to home.

52 miles.

6 Responses to “La Tuna Canyon”

  1. Christfisto SatanMaster Says:

    Hail the Tuna!

  2. Barbarous Tunatist Says:

    The Tuna shall conquer!

  3. MR. T Says:

    I pity da fool who don’t eat Tuna fish! Stay in school, fools!

  4. Tuna Rescue Front Says:

    You infidels!

    We, the tuna fish, refuse to be eaten by you barbarous fools! Perish thou shalt under the order of tunarmageddon! Your flesh shall melt as honey in the virgin sun!


  5. John Fart LeBerry Says:

    Thou maggot!

    The Tuna Rescue Front shall be utterly exterminationed by the myghté of unholy fartleberries! I have spoken!


    John Fart LeBerry,
    Chief Hunter of Oklahoma Buffalos

  6. Lord Imperial Says:

    I eat Fartleberry’s for breakfast lunch and dinner! Before the final Krieg concert I devoured a bowl full of raw eggs and fartleberry’s along with Satantuna. It keeps me belly big and strong. You’re all poseurs if you don’t eat Fartleberries! Check out my website, assholes!

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