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The pig in the python

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Last week I sent a link to a picture of an octopus tattoo to P.Z. Myers at Pharyngula. I thought he might find it amusing, since he’s a big fan of cephalopods. He included the link in one of his posts, and today I noticed just how many people came to have a look at it. I guess P.Z. has a very substantial readership, since that little link made a big impact here. I know from experience that only a small percentage of people will follow any particular link on a site, so I can just imagine what his daily traffic is like. It was our first day in a long time of over 3000 site visits, and our first-ever day with over 1GB of traffic.

It’s not quite the “Slashdot Effect“, but it’s still interesting to see.

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  1. Karen Says:

    Very KOOL tattoo picture. (But I’m STILL not gonna get one! *wink*)

    And interesting on the traffic hits. About the only story I’ve heard that tops that is Jon Rowe’s 10,000 hits on his article about Jamie Lee Curtis’ sexuality. So, while it’s True that Sex, Lies and Hate Mongering will make you famous on the Internets…perhaps Oct-to-Pie Tattoos come in 2nd!


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