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Glendora and back

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Today’s ride was out to Glendora, with a stop at a new coffee shop there.

We started out with a big group. Probably the biggest to come on the ride in a long time. We headed east on Longden into Live Oak and on into Arrow Highway.

At the entrance to Santa Fe Dam there was a long line of cars waiting to get into the park. None of us knew what was going on there, but whatever it was, it must be good to get that many people coming out on such a hot day.

When we got to It’s a Grind, we took three of the outside tables and dragged them over into the shade. It was only about 10:00, but it was already hot. I had a large orange juice. It was fresh-squeezed and quite good.

After the stop, we headed up Barranca to Sierra Madre. There used to be a big plant nursury up there, but it’s gone now. In its place we could see the beginnings of yet another much-needed suburban housing development. The sign said “Coming Summer 2006″. Considering that they haven’t even gotten the roads in yet, I think they’re not going to make that deadline. Even if they have the help of Sukut (”Moving Earth to Award-Winning Levels”).

Coming down into Azusa, we got on the bike path briefly to cross the river into Duarte. Then we headed west, passing by the ‘Nun Crossing‘ sign and into Monrovia. From there, we basically went straight home across Arcadia and Sierra Madre.

When we got back to the park, I had 37 miles, and it wasn’t even 11:00. So I followed Jon home to South Pasadena. We paused briefly at a new plus-size store on Colorado. I’d never seen plus-size mannequins before. Then we rode south into San Marino and then took Monterey in to South Pasadena. After Jon turned off, I continued on Monterey Road out to Arroyo and then back by way of Holly St and Orange Grove.

By the time I got home, it was very hot. But it was a nice ride.

51 miles.

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